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I think this might inspire me to stay on DA a bit more consistently for a while!  After :icontophatturtle: was kind enough to add me onto her list, even though I totally cheated my way onto it ;) I am keeping the other half of the bargain and puttin' it up here!

The first ten people who comment on this journal will get one of their characters featured here, and I will say what I like about them. You can choose which OC, or just let me choose whoever I find in your gallery. [You can comment and opt out of this if you are not inclined to play, just let me know.]

But this means that if you comment, you must do the same, with me in the first slot.  The idea is not to get a free feature, it's to spread art around.

If you've already done this, as several people have, well... I guess I'll exempt you, but I'm late to the party, so I probably won't get a chance to be on many lists. :) However, if you did this and still have slots open let me know and I"ll pop onto there or something. :D

Edit: So here we go, starting it up on 12/26... This is not covering all the people who have poked in for this so far, but I'm getting started with the time I've got :)  More updates will come!


1) :icontophatturtle:
I'm going to stick with this particular profile and go with Edith Burke, who is an active OC and quintessential for Froth/Turtle (now I don't know what to call her, lol) in that she's really well-developed with a long history and a strong personality that comes through in all the art.
Edith Burke by TopHatTurtle
I like also how Edith can be folded into various different versions of her fandom, ie, Great Mouse Detective (she fits in perfectly there) and also Froth's BBC Sherlock/GMD crossover, as Eddie LeStrade. Plus the new version in the 40s. :D  So I'm really not at all up on GMD fandom, know nobody from it, but the thing with Froth's OCs is that they're always so engaging and strong that they don't rely upon the fandom or on characters I am not familiar with in order to enjoy them. So there! :)

And now on to the rest!

2) :iconkatrinagn:
I got to pick the character (as with most of these entries, lol) so I went with the one I know the best (again, as with most of these entries).
Amelia's Portraint by KatrinaGN
Amelia McDuck, the estranged daughter of Scrooge McDuck, who has a catburglar alterego called Tailfeathers.  I like the character because she has this very cultivated cute persona which, it turns out, is entirely a mask and she's actually very sarcastic underneath it. But she dresses all in pink with pearls and bow... love it. XD  The whole concept is a good one for the Darkwingverse!

3) :iconduckfiend:
I asked if there was a particular OC she wanted discussed, and I didn't hear back, and I don't want to hold up too much on this esp. since Julie's account might be gone soon based on the journal I just read :( SO I hope she doesn't mind me pouncing on Tegwen! (Hahaha.)
<da:thumb id="357959143"/>
I think Tegwen has been around as long as Beth, which is saying something :D She has an AMAZING backstory with years and years put into it, and not surprisingly, a really strong character with a ton of depth and realism no matter how outrageous or extreme her experiences in the story may be.  Tegwen goes through A LOT and her personality just shows a lot of thought and strength.  I particularly like that she's got a comical side and, in spite of her physical attributes, is more of a klutz/how-did-I-get-into-this-mess character type than a super-confident don't-screw-with-me type.  It just makes her all the more endearing. :)








My only other request; if we don't know each other all that well, that is totally fine and you can still participate, but don't be upset or offended if I don't know the character you choose all that well yet, OK? I'll do my best! ^_^
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